Weight & Balance

W&B component is used for balancing the aircraft to the previous defined flight, ie a defined version of the aircraft and consists of four parts :

  • Selection versions aircraft and crew
  • Enter weight and additional information for the plane
  • balancing
  • Report generation and printing

As soon as the check-in and boarding process is complete, all passengers, baggage and cargo data are enlisted on a proper table.

Because The Center of Gravity Position is represented by a diagram, the weight and balance of the aircraft is as simple and safe as possible.

Among the many standard components of the module are:

Weight and balance data for each type of aircraft (sometimes different for the same types of aircraft owned by different operators)

Semi-permanent data

Weight & Balance diagrams for different types of aircraft…


Load & Trim Sheet print is standard numerical, but it is also possible to print the Load & Trim Sheet with graphical diagram.