Checkin module is used for passenger check-in on predefined layout of the aircraft and prepared to fly.

It is important to note that check-in passengers can be done in three different places and ways :

  • Checking on the checkin counter ( check-in )
  • Checking over WEB ( Web check-in )
  • Check- in kiosks ( self check-in )


The begining of the process means:

A selection of the type of aircraft and cabin configuration (sections, rows, seats, classes,…)

A selection of the proper Passenger Name List, Seat Occupied Message,…

Available gate selection…

A special module has been developed in order to enable the user to draw new types of aircraft and cabin configurations on his own.

The Check-In process is simple, fast and smooth.

Among many standard components of the module are:

SSR codes

Modulo 10 check for FQTV card numbers

Special passenger and company requests


Here is main checkin screen where on the left side contains list of passengers.

Check-in Main Screen

Click on passenger in list we open his card as on the image below, when we save it, on the right list is created record for him.

On the bottom we can see airplane module that is refreshing and coloring as passengers are checked!