About Us

Company: NIKO – SPLIT d.o.o.

Residence: Domovinskog rata 27b, 21000 Split, Hrvatska (Croatia)

Founder and director:

Zdravko Mateljan, dipl.ing.elektrotehnike – director

mr.sc. Branko Tudor, dipl.ing.elektrotehnike

Janko Buljan, dipl.ing.elektrotehnike

Establishment day:

November 1990. – NIKO s p.o. – SPLIT

February 1995. – NIKO d.o.o. – SPLIT

Register: NIKO d.o.o. in Register of National Institute of Statistics is registered by identification number 0186635

Ownership: Company is in private ownership

Business activities: Development of IT systems, Software projecting, support, maintenance

Activity code: 72.300 – Computer and related activities

OIB: 54281635350

MB: 00186635

Business bank: SPLITSKA BANKA D.D. Split

Account number: 2330003-1100006735

IBAN: HR6123300031100006735

Money transfer in 2013: In 2013. Total money transfer income was 3,833,217.09 HRK.

Other company representation: IER, Paris, France(Airports and Carrier equipment- pisači, čitači)

NIKO d.o.o. is a private enterprise of Informatics created in 1995 from the company NIKO spo ( 1990 ), as a result of expansion of activities. It was founded and organized by people with years of experience in information technology and telecommunications, and in the design and programming of IT and telecommunication systems.

The company is engaged by development, design, manufacturing and marketing of IT systems, and education for work on the computer. The main activity of our company has been designing, manufacturing and information systems. Especially in particular, highly specialized application software to automate operations of aircraft, passengers and cargo at airports.

A computer program AS was developed in cooperation with the airport Split, where it is used eighteen years, and during the time was constantly upgraded and expanded. The program quality ratio today is optimal for the price and convenience of use, again thanks to the close cooperation and technological support of Airport Split.

Besides the development and design of information systems, and production software, in our company special attention is for the education of personnel to use new technologies. Accordingly, our company has authorization from the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia for organizing and carrying out the Programme of Adult Education to work on computers. Teaching classes will be held on the most modern equipment, and the lecturers are scientists and university staff. Since now, over 3,000 students, most from many large Croatian companies or government agencies, successfully completed our education program.

Thanks to a high level of professionalism in the approach to teaching, today we can proudly say that the School “NIKO” is one of the best in Dalmatia. Our company, under the Agreement on representation, is exclusive representative of the company IER in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the promotion, sale and support ( servicing ) of that equipment. The company IER is a manufacturer, of almost 50% printer and reader. Users of their services are usually airports and air operators in the world.

Representation of IER and servicing their equipment, we’re now able to satisfy all the information needs and solve any problem that may occur in daily use of the program AS as any associated equipment.

As a confirmation of all the above-mentioned amount of data, the Department of Business Research in Zagreb sorted our company in the top 15 % in terms of total turnover, the first 10 % in 1999./2000., in the first 5 % by transient gain, in the first 7 % by increasing the transient gain , and in the first 4 % by transient profit per employee, compared to all other companies in Croatia .

Based on a lot of results of operations, we have once again been included in the Golden Book of the most successful Croatian entrepreneurs.

Staff(by contract):

Zdravko Mateljan, dipl.ing.elektr. co-founder and director

e-mail: zdravko.mateljan@niko.hr

Tel: +385 91 336 2244

Janko Buljan

e-mail: janko.buljan@niko.hr

Tel: +385 91 336 2254

Petar Mladineo, ing.tlk. developer,

e-mail: petar.mladineo@niko.hr

Marina Vuković, tajništvo

e-mail: marina.vukovic@niko.hr

Tel: +385 21 362 254

Goran Leutar

e-mail: goran.leutar@niko.hr

Ivan Pavić

e-mail: ivan.pavic@niko.hr

Niko Mateljan

e-mail: niko.mateljan@niko.hr

Josip Buljan

e-mail: josip.buljan@niko.hr

Ivan Krcatović

e-mail: ivan.krcatovic@niko.hr


External employees:

Alen Pezelj, dipl.ing.elektr. developer


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