Flight Information Sound System

Fiss ( Flight Information Sound System) component is used for sound information of arrival and departure of aircraft to passengers and visitors of the airport, and calls for passengers going towards the Gate and periodic information and warnings related to the safety of themselves and of passengers and airport.

Fiss module except for the part of the message has the part that contains the list of all messages that have been unspoken.

That list can be reviewed and, if necessary deleted.

FISS Main Screen

To be able to use the module from AS application, it is necessary to be pre-launched its server service.

Component Fiss server will start and maintain IT service of airport.

Fiss server has its own user interface that is intended to Informatics service because through it, can record and control the unspoken messages and the reasons why the message is not spoken.

Fiss server is setting and activating periodic messages.

FISS Server Part