Lost & Found

The program module ” Lost Luggage ” named as LL is meant to track lost and / or found baggage, creating the necessary documents to the passenger, sending the necessary ” Sita ” message in WordTracer and creating reports required LL service to document the work performed .


Display is split to 3 sections:

First section – filters for list filtering which is in second section, and filtering is possible by multiple cumulative ways, and those are:

  • by passenger name

  • by number of files in WT

  • by type of event (AHL,OHD,DPR)

  • by airport (always DBV)

  • by carrier

  • by archived status


The second section is a list of events with all the necessary fields for the understanding of the case to be processed.

The third section is a series of buttons that allow the manipulation of the cases that are shown in the other section.